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Hi and thanks for the support folks!
Last weekend I even went 'hogwild' and spent 10 bucks for the lottery- wouldn't ya know- the lottery subject came on Late night news, and I did it wrong- ahh well- i guess I shouldn't expect a house for 10 bucks!
I did see, though, that what I figured as mid 100's is going for 90, so I did conclude buying is best! just gotta hit that win!
Katie, my vote was a tie dyed type as you have done, but wife said no
anyway, the shape of everything else is fine- when I explained to her, as she watched me fuss and fiddle and walk away from that c word, that when I had put sarah's own written name on the C, she thought I was doing the bird as a one of.
WOW, the whole world over here fell into a sink hole and imploded from the shock of it all!
I did what I did with the C mostly as a learning curve for myself. I will say, no, i did not have any fun- Shrederman , Mark Miller and all really get my support, as just a build log by itself is a large task, and retracing from PDF/ sketches etc, only multiply the complexities by a Whole Lots!
I did try an Oly 650 backwards, but the front end MUST have a foil up there. I had tried 3 times with flat plate type elevator/ canards, and they just don't work- for sailplanes. I was diggin' about, getting some links back up and running into this here Lion machine, and got here, and will add another in moments. some folks swear by the Canard CG Calculator, but 'Kubiak' and I have found a 12 % average of bad math-- for sailplanes, again!
Jared! that looks like a clean , basic bird and good taste in the oven!
more torments later!

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