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Originally Posted by Adidas4275 View Post
man I hope English is your second language because that is the single longest sentence I have ever tried to read.

I don't even know what you are trying to say?

Also I dont think you have any idea how much it costs to design built, market, distribute and support a product.

If you think that Tabb is getting rich off FreeFly you are crazy. (I want the CineStar line to be cheaper as well, but I dont try to say that a clone frame is better than the real thing and then say people who buy the real one are stupid and spoiled)

There are many people in this industry that work their ASS off to help this community push the tech forward.

These guys set a price based on what they can afford to make them at...., Rusty's Frames (AGLhobbies), Askman and Gary (, DJ (Photoshipone) and many many others.

They are not over priced, they are priced at what it costs to design, develop, market, produce and support their products.

I dont even think this thread should be about the stealing of IP but what it should be about...

it should be about the differences between the real one and the fake one...

like the thickness of the CF center plates, tensile and compression strength of the CF tubes, quality of hardware included, and availability of spares.
yes ill admit I'm full UK British and I'm not good with spelling bud but i still try and i have the Brain's to build and fly RC things so just because you think you are so good with your spellings dont really bother me , whats a couple of full stops really at least im trying give me a bit of credit ,you seem to be a bit of a bully your self to be honest , if you don't like what I'm trying to say well don't read them
I'm not perfect but at least i have a life and i do my best

I've built a few home built aircraft as you can see by my videos and yes i will modify bought frames as well to get them to fly better as you will see in the first video

NAZA flying FPV Video (7 min 17 sec)

playing with the naza. music version video (4 min 4 sec)

,now I am waiting for my new big boy fake Cinestar to come ,IV put the order in from Hong Kong for one ,
I have motors and esc to fit to it and i will be using my new devo12s radio system to fly it, I'm thinking of a simple flight system like a rabbit board i have, or even a wii board both are good and i do have all the GPS to go with them ,one will go on it as soon as iv completed this task, iv got rid of my naza because the gimbull setting was rubish , ill do a video and show you can do a good job and not spend to much money and keep it as a low cost
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