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Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
I have been flying my v1 S surfer for a long time. I originally flew it with a CG of 70mm and I felt that it was a touch tail heavy and it would tend to porpoise when in a power off glide. Recently I decided to use mt Ssurfer for an fpv trainer, but to do this I want to get the plane to fly nicely in a power off glide. I came back to this thread to see what others are using for a CG location and saw a few posts about using a CG location of 60mm from the leading edge. I rebalanced mine at 60mm and took it out to the field for a few test flights. I left all control surfaces neutral, and slowly added nose weight until the porpoising in a power off glide stopped. When It finaly stopped porpoising I rechecked the actual CG and it would balance perfectly level at 30mm from the leading edge Why would the CG be so much differnt from the vast majority on this thread?? I have to say, even with it this nose heavy, it still would glide forever!

So, do you now fly with that CG or what. My SS porpoises real bad but i have been reluctant to fly much farther ahead than 60mm. Have been moving a little at a time but too few days to fly to get it worked out. Any help from anyone is appreciated.
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