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That's true in flight, Jim, but it gets a little wonky when calculating static thrust. The higher pitch with smaller blades actually draws more power on the ground but I suspect that the two props are probably about even in the air when the prop unloads. Still; what I have confirmed is that with electric or glow one wants the biggest blade area a motor/engine can handle and the pitch isn't terribly critical except at low speeds when flatter (lower) pitch will out perform a higher one. I am frankly surprised, though I shouldn't be, at ho much better the 10" prop is.

The next time I need to order stuff I think I'll get a 11" prop of 4, 5, or 6" pitch. My motor should handle it for the 10-12 seconds I need to climb and, if it doesn't drop the RPM too much, I should be able to do a truly vertical launch. I don't really need more vertical performance but I'm curious and I can always use the bigger prop when I get a bigger sailplane.
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