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I bought this turnigy FBL100 largely base on the postive feed back on this thread.
The FBL100 did try to make it better than mcpx in some way.

The pros:

1) They have more powerful main motor. It definitly climb faster than stock MCPX.
2) It has better gyro chip MPU-3050 (mcpx has ITG3200).
3) I also like their remote very much. This is the best RTF remote I have used.
Better than DX4e. I recall remote has ball bearings. It feels very smooth.
4) the swash has bigger balls. It is less likely to damage during fly.

However, for my personal experence, FBL100 is not as good as MCPX.
For a few reasons:
1) The tail like to blow out if you give a lot of pitch. I have to constantly
watch out of the tail blow out. The pitch need to stay at very narrow range
to avoid tail blow out. In fact that cause me crash at the very first 20 seconds
trying just pitch pumps. I think MCPX has much better locking feeling during
3D. It feels more perdictable if you know what I am saying.

2) The tail rotor is a joke. It is small and have very narrow middle section.
It break into two piece in the first 20 second crash. I have been flying
with MCPX v2 tail blade since.

3) The sevo is not very durable. My back servo start to develope big shaking
at about 10 packs. It make the heli nodding the tail like dolphin. It is not clear
it is the servo or the software problem. Pretty much it is unflyable as it is.
I can do flips, and during the flips the heli does not have the nodding. Let
it level and it will nod. It is possible I might get a bad one. Only 10 packs??
Their servo is definitly not as smooth as the mcpx's. Again, it could be
the software. Also I try to call the manufacture, the support said just buy
new servos.

At this point I would not recommand this FBL100 other people. I think if you
already have the Spectrum remote, it is much better getting the mcpx.
You will likely get more enjoyable fly out of mcpx than FBL100.

I think some of the parts are great alternatives to mcpx. I haven't try out
all the combinations yet. I think it would be interesting to try the FBL100
main and tail motor on the MCPX. They are cheap and seems more powerful
than stock mcpx. Might be a good way to get more performance out of
mcpx without going the BL route.
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