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Originally Posted by Iron Savior View Post
I just prepped a pair of power supplies from a Dell PowerEdge 2950 (0Y8132 N750P-S0). It can be wired up the same way as a power supply from a 2850 for use with a lipo charger as seen here.
Originally Posted by xandrios View Post
Astec/Emerson DS450-3/DS550-3, Sun Fire X4100/X4100 M2, X4200/X4200 M2, Dell Poweredge 1850, 2800, 2850, 2950, AA23290, AA23300, 7000814-0000, NPS700AB, N750P-S0, AHF-650-12-Y Full Pinout Assignment.

Astec manufactures the DS450-3/DS550-3.
The Sun Fire X4100/X4100 M2, X4200/X4200 M2 servers use the DS550-3 PSU.
The Dell 1850 AA23300 PSU is really a DS550-3 in disguise.

Dell 1850 AA23300 PSU and Astec DS550-3 voltage control modification 12V-14.2V.

Connect PS On and PS Kill to ground to power up.

Pin B2 may be the analog fan control voltage input or may be left spare.
Connecting B2 to ground may slow fan speed and/or connecting to 3.3v may increase fan speed.

The accompanying Pinout from the Sun Fire™ X4100/X4100 M2 and X4200/X4200 M2 Servers Service Manual is for verification purposes.
How can two of these become serial connected to allow 24V output?

Any cut off AC GND and DC GND needed?
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