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Hi, SH.

Just to throw a wrench in the works; I noticed that R2 has the "real" Passer-x on sale for $84.00. It actually might end up cheaper even with shipping from Hong Kong but I haven't crunched the numbers. I'm even considering getting one to see if the airframe is a little lighter and setting it up with a lighter electronics package.

I don't think the Turbo spinner would help much because there really isn't much room to cut cooling holes in the motor mount. The existing cooling holes in the fuse are far enough forward that one gets air blowing over the back half of the motor. Now I kinda wish that I had tried it with just the bigger exit hole before I added my scoops because they do get the paint knocked off by the prop. It's something you have to get real close to notice but I hate getting nicks in my paint jobs even if I can fix it with a Q-tip.

The 33mm spinner is about 1mm bigger than the front of the fuse but you have to get within about a meter to see it. I did mount up the 28mm spinner and with it one would have to get about 2-3meters away. I think that anything from 30-34mm would look fine.
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