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Plane attacked by bird....
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Originally Posted by Stuart Linfoot View Post
that corsair is still a hand full to fly, I've checked and rechecked the balance, I got it spot on from what I can tell, but the darn thing is all over the sky when you try to fly it, so far I've landed it on the roof of my house, in the tree next to the driveway, I'm a good pilot, been flying for 40 something years and I'll be darned if I can't get this thing to go anywhere I'm trying to point it.

I added a gram of nose weight this after noon just on the chance that my balancing could be wrong and it seemed to fly a little better, that is until the prop flew off ...

I'm telling ya, this thing don't fly anywhere near as good as the one did that the dog ate, and I'm beginning to think that this one here is jinxed, it just don't wanna straighten up and fly right, and every time I do fly it, it seems like something weird and stupid goes wrong with it. it definitely has a mind of it's own, it don't wanna do what I tell it to do, won't listen to me at all, very stubborn little plane.

and on top of that, with all the control surfaces toned way down to their bare minimum throw settings, the thing still flys like an out of control missile on it's own projectory.

don't get me wrong, I ain't complain'en, I'm jus say'en
Weird as I have had mine for about nine months now and still after a rebuild it flies like it is on rails. Iht a two bladed prop on it and I don't think that this plane is a handful at all. I fly this plane like I stole it. I have even flown in in fifteen mph winds with no problem. I don't know why this people have all kinds of issues with this plane.
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