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Originally Posted by jameschen072 View Post
Just received the MJX X100 for a somewhat in-depth review...what aspects do you guys want to know most about these quads? I'm thinking of making a chart that could allow us to objectively compare the performance/value/quality of these quadcopters. (Like those found on car reviews)... please let me know what you guys would like to know about this and all subsequent quads! Thanks=]
This is just a start...

1) Range check.
2) Speed of Yaw (is slow on U816, varies on v929 with each power setting,slow/fast on MQX) Don't know how you would measure that. Number of Rotations per 10 seconds or something for each of the power ratings possible? (one thing I'd like faster on my U816)
3) Throttle/Pitch/Roll max/min for all power settings (if LCD display)
4) Is hands off hover possible and how easy/twitchy is it (again, U816 quite hard to hover to begin with)
5) Are pirouettes clean and "on the spot" (with no wind and a properly trimmed quad) or does it do a large circle?
6) Does it lose/gain height/veer to one side with FFF?
7) Speed of FFF over a set distance. 20-30m? (Don't do from a standing start, just measure the middle section).
8) Is it affected by winds (v929/MQX are, LB size etc. seem less so)
9) How much extra weight can it carry (tested by the method of attaching to scales, zeroing them and applying full throttle)
10) Can it do flips? Preprogrammed? Selectable? (like the MJX) and what is the time limit between each one?
11) How much height does it lose between flips?
12) LEDs? Switchable or always on?
13) Number of 'Gyros' (Gyro + Acc) and does it improve/prevent flips/stability etc.
14) What's it like coming down through its own propwash?
15) How does it fly with a set weight attached underneath? (typically an 808 17g keyfob camera)
16) Are 'extra buttons' like mode/flip easy to reach while flying (like on the shoulders of the TX with the SH-6043 / v929) or do you have to take your hands off the sticks to reach them? (Again, can't do a flip while moving on the U816 very easily)
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