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My considerations for thrusters...trying to decide

Not sure if all the bullets are correct, but I'm trying to get all my thoughts down before deciding which route to go. Thrusters seem to be the hardest item to decide on. I'm using an old cheap Equinox video camera housing as the main hull for electronics. Plenty of room for batteries etc if needed.

500-750GPH bilge pump cartridge
  • Limited in depth - Depth makes it wear out faster due to more friction with the seal
  • Not too powerful
  • Requires relay board (4xDPDT for reverse operation?)
  • Good price for an all inclusive package, just add propeller
  • Can use 12v sealed lead acid batts
DC motor in housing
  • Motor can overheat
  • Needs seal on custom housing
  • Requires relay board
  • Very cheap
  • Simple connections
  • Can use 12v sealed lead acid batts
  • Heatsink can be added with sealed fins sticking out of housing
Brushless outrunner motor in housing
  • Needs seal on custom housing
  • Heating issues
  • Requires ESC (with reverse) which also has heat issues
  • No heatsink since the outside spins - inrunners are too fast and too espensive
  • No need for relays
  • Can use LiPo (ok at pressure?)
Brushless outrunner motor out in the open (like openROV decided to go)
  • Corrosion issues
    coating possible without disrupting electromagnetic fields?
    Swap out stock bearings to bushings, sealed bearings or ceramic ones?
  • Easiest to put together
  • No cooling issue with motor
  • Can use LiPo (ok at pressure?)

Magnetic couple drive
  • Has to be completely custom made
  • May be possible to use parts from an eheim pump etc.

As for seals, would these bearings work well for an ROV at 100 feet salt water?

I ordered the underwater robotics book and hopefully will be here soon and help also
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