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Originally Posted by DerClown View Post
Thanks !
I have another question. How do you set the Tail Gain ? Via transmitter, or via PC software ? I can't get enough Tail Gain, when I set it with my Spektrum DX7. I put 100% but the tail doesn't hold, when I set it via PC at 100% then the tail has too much gain.
It quite likely doesn't hold at all because you have not set collective to tail pitch compensation in the advanced setup section. That needs to be around +12 or so for most helicopters.

Does the helicopter tail jerk to the right when adding throttle, add +12. If it jerks to the left, add -12.

Of course, double check that you've got zero pitch on your tail at mid rudder stick. It should hold fine and easily give you an insane tail wag with a gain set far too high.

Also make sure the RC deadband and gyro deadband values make sense. I've got mine set at 20 and 4 or so. The default 40 is far too high.
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