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Hey guys, just thought I'd show my little setup for on-board camera (nothing impressive, the keychain camera from hobbyking).

Essentially I wanted something so I can easily remove the camera, and a position that would keep me away from the prop and the water, should I happen to have an unhappy flipover (happened to me twice so far).

I noticed that in case of a flipover, the wing is underwater pretty much up to the aileron servos, and the motor hangs in the water - obviously not a good thing, but apparently I waterproofed it well enough since it keeps going after drying it out.

So first I tried setting it up under the fuse on a pylon, but there was the prop in the way. So I designed a pylon I could fit into the wing, but I figured after repeated use the foam would kind of relax a bit and I'd risk losing the camera in flight. Solution? A little loop of wire over the top of the pylon, and the slot extending all the way through the wing so I can slide a small piece of plastic to secure it on the top of the wing.

Waterproof, removable, and cheap to do (a scrap of balsa bloc, about 4cm of wire, some CA). I'd say mission accomplished! Oh and the bonus: when the camera's on the wing, you don't get nearly as much vibration as you would from under the nose.

Hope this inspires other people!
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