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Originally Posted by Spyro37 View Post
Yes it does, specially hovering this 6axis gyro.

Flew mine all morning yesterday. Brought several lipos & a charger. Was calm early morning, then got a bit windy later.
My observation:
- Right roll is not impressive, drifts to the left a lot after the roll, then noses up. Needs some good collective management.
- Left rolls is very nice and clean (pretty axial).
- Love the forward flips, nice and clean.
- Back flips is nice
- Inverted is very stable.

- Difficult to keep SMOOTH fast forward flights. Flying fast forwards, don't let the right stick sit in the middle too long (like over a second) or this thing would "want to level" back (loosing my angle of attack) like my thumb is shaking.
- (Occasionally), Flying back and forth, climb up, then turn 180deg, to come back around is a bit ugly. The heli "seemed" to hit an "invisible wall", then, noses up, but again, it's probably caused by the right stick, stayed at the center, unknowingly.
- Be prepared as it could mess up your planned maneuver coming from fast forward.
- I wish I could turn OFF the 6 axis if I prefer to. As someone and
Ali had mentioned, the 6axis is always ON with this heli.
- It seemed to me that when the sticks are constantly moving, the heli stays on 3 axis, so no effect with the flying, or it (6 axis) doesn't messes up with the flying, maybe (?). If the sticks hit & stayed at the center for a second or 2, the 6 axis kicks in (?).

*All these comments based on stock set-up, and settings. I may play around with the gains next time.

Just my 2 cents,
Yep this sounds like typical 6axis like in the GCP. It is annoying and only useful for the newbie trying to learn to hover. After that it will be a headache and everyone turns it off. FF flight is virtually not possible. Keeping it out of automatic 6 axis mode would be nice.
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