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I really suspect it might be something where the cap is loose on the jug or it has a small pinhole in it. My fuel jugs that bulge out in the summer and suck it up in the winter and don't leak are good for 20 years or more at home. So if a jug isn't staying sealed good and it isn't bulging or sucking it up as the temperatures change is leaking, and sucking in air and letting out the vapors thus absorbing moisture out of the air. But none of my fuel containers are sitting on the concrete floor either.

But there could be a osmosis like effect happening. I am sure there is a better name for it. But this is when the jug sucks it up some and we have a bit of a vacuum inside and then the moisture in the concrete may be conducive to being drawn through the plastic bottom of the jug to mix with the methanol which might have a tendency to help draw the moisture through too.

But then it could all be another urban myth too.
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