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Originally Posted by Balr14 View Post
I suspect they have improved the functionality and programming of their accelerometers. It did not work like one would expect on the Genius, it was better on the Ladybird V1 and I hear programming has been improved on the Ladybird V2. It's certainly technology they aren't going to abandon.
I'd actually be very interested in knowing if there are actually any hardware differences between a "6 axis" system and a normal 3 axis system. I really suspect not... or at least very very little.

These things seem to work on a "marble in a bowl" system. So long as the attitude of the heli is within the bowl it tends to "fall" back to the bottom into level flight. Once you get out of the bowl, doing a flip or something, then it just acts like a normal 3G system. It's when you do something right on the lip of the bowl that you get weird artifacts where the heli is fighting you. Please forgive the lousy analogy but it's better than me trying to do the math

I haven't flown the newest 6axis systems on the new D02S or Master CP yet so I'd be curious if they'd tuned the bowl better than they have previously.

I do like the plug for the tail motor. No more soldering tails! If you snag one Dan I'll have to see it fly next to my V200.
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