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Originally Posted by vpsporb View Post
Hey, cool you got a HK pnp Quad! How do you like her? I'd get one if we could make the frame more bulletproof... I saw one on youtube with a KK2 board doing nice Acro.
It is pretty neat to have a few different quads... and see that they all have their own flight characteristics eh?

Holy Moley.... that stand of trees that you do a walkabout to.... looks extremely familiar! I seem to recall a CB100 or two doing the same journey!
Just after my post work, post travel 4h by car ... and post final relax with my micro bug SH 6043 ... done some relaxing loops indoor ... easy ... no one crash

Yes throttle control is good ... stability of the sh 6043, perfect after few trim at fly start


Back to the HK PNP ... it is on a different league ... it has brushless motor, and I'm using a KK2.0 board ... but for indoor I prefer the sh 6043, as well, the sh is much more relaxing ... no stress in case of crash

The PNP microQuad is quite durable, but propeller can get broken easy in a minor crash

I may make the HK microQuad flyable from my phone ... I know how, and I believe I have the HW and SW skills and all needed equipment

As well, the sh 6043 could be also hacked for get a better TX ... but ... I think I will stay with stock TX



Ps: cb100 ???
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