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Originally Posted by gkamysz View Post
And how long does fuel sit before you get it in your hands?

What "light ends" and lead in methanol are they talking about? It sure sounds like VP is talking about gasoline in that FAQ response.

Greg I think they were talking about racing fuels in general. There are different grades of alcohol just as there are for gasoline. Just because they say it is 99% pure doesn't mean much in advertizing. You can have 99% pure gasoline but, how well refined is it? what other additives or stuff are in there? whats the octane rating? VP has 3 levels of pure methanol but when you read the MSD sheets they only use pure methanol in their blend. Aaaarrgh. Alcohol just like gasoline has aromatics (light ends, ether, esters) which mostly help the fuel to vaporize and sanctioning bodies check for this by the dielectric strength and specific gravity plus whatever else they check for. These aromatics like water have a smaller molecular size than hydrocarbons so they pass through plastic easier. I know with drag racing we sometimes check the methanol for contamination and NHRA and IHRA events always check the fuel for water and other stuff. But like Gary said there are different plastics with different ratings. I don't think my Morgan fuel bottles use the best plastic for the price I pay and I don't take chances with it. I'd be more concerned with the clubs that buy it in drums and the people using it and handling it properly. Ah what the hell, follow directions and everything should be fine.

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