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Originally Posted by philfun View Post
Thanks Mike,
Model switched to Eflite extra 260.The wing span is set to 72".
Very close feeling to the real world.
Still need some improvements :CG moved rearward a little bit:0.03
ailerons,rudder, elevator are not as responsive as needed.
Went to edit the throw on rud,aileron and elev ,does not seems to
be enough.Is it another way to increase the throw.
On the transmitter all the throw are set to maximun.
Is the transmitter has some effects like expo, throw on the sim?
Is the transmitter emitting when in use with the sim ?
Thanks for your help
Most realistic sim I play with so far.
Ok, Scott got here first! But I was typing already ....:

Aero: Ok, I'm guessing that your Suhkoi has bigger ailerons than on the Eflite Extra 260. For this airplane, the control surfaces in the sim only go up to 50 deg, (usually) and I did this because past that point they become much less effective. So you've hit the limit on throws. The work around (trying to turn the Extra 260 into a Sukhoi) is to edit the airplane.

From the Scaling Wizard/Edit Aircraft page, click on the "Aerodynamics" tab. Scroll down until you see the PropwashSpeedFast parameter. This controls the propwash speed, and increasing this will make the ailerons, elevator and rudder more effective -- they are in the propwash. Tweak both the PropwashSpeedFast and PropwashSpeedSlow (increase them). The difference is that the "Slow" one controls the propwash when you're flying slow. And, yes, ... the "Fast" one controls the propwash speed when you're flying fast. They blend together in the sim depending on the flight speed. You can customize it more by editing the values for the rudder, elevator and ailerons independently. The picture below shows the page. Click on any parameter to get a short description, and then click on "Detail Description" to see more.

Expo: To tweak the expo, click on the Tx and make a copy. When you make this copy, it makes a setup for your current Extra 260 and Tx. (If you pick a new airplane, then let the sim pick the default 'Univeral Tx'. If you go back to your Extra 260, go into the Tx list and pick your custom Tx w/ your tweaks.) Ok, so w/ the copy, click Edit. Collapse the first pane on left, and you see the channels and settings. Set the flight mode that you want to edit (use switch on your Tx or keyboard to change flight mode). You'll see the current flight mode change in the box. Then, to the right is "EXP" = the expo for each channel. Click on the expo value you that you want to change. The picture below shows the setup.

Tx emit: Transmitters do not emit when used w/ sims. When the trainer port is engaged w/ the sim cable, transmission stops. Caveat: To be sure, experiment w/ a receiver or check the manual for your own Tx.
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