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Originally Posted by Gerry__ View Post
Yeah, but the prop wash is still there and having an affect. Try a slow descent through your own prop wash you'll get similar results to the mQX.
No, I don't get that effect with my U816, although I do with my MQX and my v929 Beetle (same thing, basically). I already tried slow U816 decents because of my expectations and was unaffected by prop wash because there isn't any to speak of with such tiny props, so I did it faster and faster until eventually I found I could just about close the throttle, drop like a stone and catch it with a full throttle burst before it hit the ground. Not advisable as the battery gets nearer its limit as there is a bit less power in the last minute of flight for stuff like that. But then I just catch it with my hand.

And to whoever asked: Yes, just about all the spares except the board, and frame section are pretty much interchangeable between the MQX and the v929, although the plugs on the board/motors are different. Booms: same, props: same (colours different). Motor mounts: different design, same fit, Motors probably same, but cable colours swapped: Red/Blue= Black/White and vice versa

On the v929 forums we're all waiting for Rev03 which has flashing LEDs on the legs, which one person got very early (presumably by mistake) but without the new Transmitter with the extra channel button to toggle them on/off - which the beta tester has reported as coming soon - (they're on permanently, no biggie)
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