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Got my 8J today.

Seems a pretty good transmitter. Not as nice in the hands as my Aurora 9, feels cheaper and not as robust - the plastics are not as grippy nor as durable imo. The plastic finish is already scratched from being in the box. I doubt this transmitter will looks as good in a couple of years time after being used down the field. Especially the piano black finish in the middle of the transmitter will scratch with the slightest grit.

The UI is very user friendly - I was surprised. Even though it doesn't have the touch screen of the Aurora, it was perfectly usable and workable. In fact as there is less features+mixes+functions than the Aurora, its simpler to navigate and find things! Surprised to see no servo slow though on a modern mid-range transmitter. The only thing that caught me out was that you had to press the + button to get into the main menu - surprisingly this isn't clearly mentioned in the manual! Especially as most of the Futaba transmitters I've used, you have to press the +/- or Up/Down buttons to enter the main menu.

Functionality wise, its certainly a lot thinner on the ground than the Aurora, for example there are no Glider mixes.

With this UK model, a battery was included - 4 cell Ni-Mh. Interestingly the transmitter was setup as a 5-cell pack in the menus. Its nice that it is designed to take a standard 4-cell/5-cell Rx pack, rather than some of the fancy 7/8 cell AAA packs, etc that some have.

Really sucks that Futaba haven't included telemetry. However as my post in the other thread states, the hardware is capable. Also above the Tx battery symbol, there is enough room on the display for a Rx battery symbol - maybe it's supported but was taken off by marketing?

Very tempted to rip the RF can off the TX module in the transmitter and see if the Tx Module is listening after transmitting. Hmm.

One final little tit bit that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is:
On the main screen, if you hold the END button while pressing + or -, it will change the contrast. Helpful if there is a large temperature change or if you've changed the contrast and can no longer see the screen.

Has anyone found how to get into a Service Menu?

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