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Originally Posted by Brandigan View Post
Sounds perfectly normal behaviour from a new, old or any MQX, as well as the v929 Beetle clone.

You're possibly doing things more quickly than you used to as your flying confidence has grown.

As lowering the throttle too quickly means the props are not giving as much lift, and with no wings to keep it up, it flies much like a brick will.

Try a different technique, something like this, or like this in smaller stages if you have a small area to fly in:
Thanks for that.

This is actually the method i've been using to get back down to earth.

Perhaps it's completely just my confidence levels rising, i'd been mostly just hovering around gently in the house when the weather has been bad and staying fairly low with a bit of forward flight. I'm now getting the hang of things and the speed and height i'm flying at are both increasing.

After a bit more play last night I think I may have stumbled upon an extra factor though, I think the cheaper batteries I have struggle when suddenly increasing throttle to a fairly high level and this is perhaps giving unbalance in the motors that the brain of the MQx is compensating for. Using decent batteries certainly reduces the effect.

note to self * don't buy any more cheap batteries.
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