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Originally Posted by Xermalk View Post
i went directly to a mini from a v911 and dont have mutch experience. But getting of the ground into a hover is very easy with the minicp.

What you should do is give just enough thrust to get the mini to skid along the ground, then drain a battery or two just getting used to the feeling of the cyclic stick.

Then when you feel confident give it that extra stick movement to get it into a hover.

How easy is it to take the miniCP apart compared to a v911? All the connections on the v911 are soldered in so it's not really easy to replace major components. Landing gears and tail booms are solidly glued in. Replacing a tail boom is moot since you'll break the frame just to get it out.

I noticed that the miniCP board is socketed. Which should mean you no longer need a soldering iron. Snap-in/Screwed-in parts plus light weight, should mean it's both tougher and easier to repair. Is this your experience with the miniCP?

As of now, my actual choices are.!!!

in that order.
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