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Originally Posted by nickelbn1 View Post are you liking this plane overall then chopper? happy with it?

ok, just did some more measurements and noticed something else. when I posted that picture earlier today showing that the elevator stab was not lined up with the wing, I assumed that the stab was not level, when in fact, when I just measured the stab is level to the ground and in fact the wing is not. I measured right up against the fuse at the back of the wing and where the right wing comes out of the fuse, it is higher by around 1/16 of an inch to an 1/8 of an inch then where the left wing comes out. that is why when I look from the back down to the wing, they are not level with each other. I believe the hole cut for the wing is not level with the fuse.
I just did the same measurement and I get a difference of 1/16 of an inch on the trailing edge, the leading edge is fine. I have not put my wing in yet.
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