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Originally Posted by carlcorn View Post
Thanks to those that responded. I have a Turnigy 80 amp ESC still in the wrapper waiting for another plane. I'll give that a try and see what happens. Maybe someone in my club has a programming card I can use to check and set the timing on this ESC. That way I won't have to wait for an order from HK.

Also. On the subject of testing. I tested the stock fan against the CS10 with Turnigy 2800kv motor by setting the plane on the bench with the noise pointing at a small scale against the waill. This seemed to produce some reasonable numbers for comparing the two. I expected a small to moderate increase with the new setup but the difference was very small. I don't think the limiting factor was the battery so I'm thinking ESC or ESC timing. Since the ESC did not heat up noticably I'm leaning toward timing.
What battery did you use (mah and C rating) for your test and what was your voltage sag at? How many amps did it pull? I've got this combo on order and from what I've read the 4S setup demands a lot of power and I'm not exactly sure what C rating and mah size battery will be needed to not eat up batteries.
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