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that is interesting about yours chopper. I would be very interested for you to measure from the ground to the rear wing tip on each side and see if they are the same or not. I am very convinced now after flying again just now and thinking some more that i am on to something about a twist being in the wing. Many of you talked about using the centerline of the wingtip to center your ailerons. I just did this this evening. I took off my SFG's and used the centerline and centered. After doing this, I looked from the rear of the plane and noticed the right aileron looked about 1/8 of an inch higher then the left one. where they are closest to the fuse. They should not be off like this if the centerline if each wingtip is the same angle. following me? After measuring and looking from all angles I am convinced there is a twist in the wing where the right rear part of the wing is twisted higher then the left half of the wing, causing downforce over the right wing to occur even harder the faster you go.

I made sure both ailerons LOOKED centered looking from the rear and took off. it still banked right right away. It took about 5 clicks of trim at 50% or less throttle to make it fly level. if I went faster then the right roll came back. As long as i was at 50% or less I was fine and it flew pretty well over all. go full speed and you need another 4 clicks of trim or so to correct again but then your left aileron seems almost unresponsive at times. This wing twist has to be the issue.....manufacturing defect.
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