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Hi Rich,
on the older hang gliders and training gliders they use single surface which means its just got a top surface on the wing,
this leaves a concave section on the underside of the wing right after the leading edge which creates turbulance and adds drag to the wing,

the higher performance gliders use a 2nd skin on the underside of the wing to enclose this area,
youll see gliders with different percentages of a double surface,
some just enclose this concave, some half way and some reach almost right to the back of the wing and cover the crossbar, tipstruts and pretty much all of the frame work that will cause added drag,

the ribs if im understanding you right are battens to form the airfoil shape at the leading edge and also give some rigidity to the sail,
they can also be curved up at the back on the inboard sections, they call that reflex which is like up elevator on a plane and keeps the nose of the wing pointing up,
this also adds drag though so reflex is adjustable on some of the newer wings so you can adjust what trim speed you want
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