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Thanks for the response and I could recall seeing it in the past but could not find it and yes should have done a search
Must say madbadger does appear to have got a Monday morning bike as I followed a few of his entries with the multitude of things breaking or going wrong .
It did remind me of something else has he had something covering making a small hole in the outher cover and squirting WD40 into the gyro.
I have always been of the understanding that the base compoment of WD40 is fish oil and apart from all the other things it can do it is mainly a water displacement spray and not really a long term lubricant .
Not wanting to take the stance 'I am an engineer to know everything' approach seen so often in forums but it does seem strange that in the case of the gyro gears there are steel on steel gears but nowhere in the manual or the update, covering the alignment of the gears, is there any mention of lubricating the gears or the pin they run on
I can see the situation of packing grease all over the place is to be avoided as it will eventually get into the clutch area .
Nylon in its many forms is a partial self lubricant and any comments regarding this would be appriciated .
Same would apply to the motor pinion/spur gear any excess friction must be something to avoid if possible without ending up attracting grit which will end up destroying the mesh.
Would be interested to hear other opinions as to lubricate or run dry
Cheers Jim
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