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Originally Posted by JayNZ View Post
Hi jan, I have experimented with pivoting the tail rotor blade on the tail boom of my pod and boom t-rex 600 before i had it in the apache, and before i had raised tail drive system, and the tilted tail rotor had very little effect on flight. it wasnt as much as i suspect you will be looking at tilting, but none the less, Im sure it will be fine.
Hi Jay,

I have a Align T-Rex 600 ef with a belt so I adjust the tail rotor to a angle of approx 20 degree and started her up.
Well I was prepared for anything but the experiment was real uneventful

With the spooling up I noticed that the tail was trying to tip the heli over, but that was caused by the not yet in sink running tail giro.
That problem was solved in a moment

It feels a bit different however no problem at all, and when the horizontal mode from my helicommand is armed you see no difference at all.

I have from Susan (TF) models the dimensions from the electro motor they use in there IMDS system.
It will not fit entirely so you need to modified the existing housing on your tail (the existing housing must be a bit extended lower) .

So its possible but indeed its NOT a turn key solution, however (I think) the best solution to get a decent angle of at least 15 degree.

And running the head CCW is possible but most scale blades are asymmetrical CW running.

And you can make your tail removable also and when you go for the full 100% you do a radio controlled folding tail .
Don't hit the switch in flight then.....


Thanks for the explanation of the reason the tail rotor is tilted that way.
I thought to get more room for the enormous tail blades they have.

Do you have photo's of you DD/IMDS sticking in the tail of the BlackHawk just for the idea?


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