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Originally Posted by Hajile View Post
Does this also apply to miniCP? Considering this for my next heli after the v911.

It's the only tutorial i can find that explains how to fly a 6ch coming from a 4ch.

Not fully. In this tutorial the advice is given to use the cyclic sticks when taking off to make the heli take off vertical. But most flybarless systems don't respond well when using cyclic with the skids still on the ground. I only touch the cyclic stick on my MiniCP when it's in the air, and take offs are always controlled and straight. The hardest things to learn when coming from 45 degree designs is that you need to be easy on the sticks and that the heli will keep moving in whatever direction you send it, until you tell it to go back. No auto brake, like on the 45 degree stuff.

You can use expo to dull the response, although that won't teach you a lot. First flights just concentrate on taking off, and keeping the heli within an invisible box, then land. Don't touch the rudder, just cyclic and throttle. You will see you will be able to keep the heli in a smaller box as you make more flights. As you progress to that, it's time to make the heli move around with the cyclic. When that is going well too, it's time to get the heli doing some circuits with rudder turns, but beware, a small flybarless heli can move fast. Better have some space to fly then.

But I'm just a beginner in CP, there are probably more experienced pilots to help you.
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