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Angled Tail

The angled tail on the full sized UH-60 series of helicopters was meant to compensate for the heavy tail. The tail rotor added lift as well as compensating for the main rotor torque! However, this only works with a CCW rotating main! With a CW rotating main the tilted tail rotor would have the opposite desired effect!
Iíve been looking over how the DD tail motor kit that I have mounts and have come to the conclusion that without major modifications, the only tilt that we would be able to achieve with it is either a forward or rearward angle along the axis of the raised tail mounting tube!
The only benefit with going with this type of tail drive unit would be to reduce the weight in the tail by no longer requiring a torque drive shaft , tube, gears and the adjustable elbows!
Scale looks for the UH-60 Blackhawk (without major modificationís) is not just a drop in solution with this kit!

Originally I was going to install this kit in my UH-1B, but now Iím thinking it may work better in my UH-60 Blackhawk, since the 4 blade mains will be turning slower than the 2 blade mains in the Huey, I could independently adjust the tail rotor speed to compensate for the slower tail rotor speed that I would be getting from a torque drive or belt driven system.

This setup should work out perfectly so long as you remember itís just a substitute for other raised tail systems and not intended to be a scale angled tail rotor system that mimics the ones as seen on the full sized Blackhawks.

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