Thread: Build Log Building my first CNC router.
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Build Log
Building my first CNC router.

A few weeks ago I resolved I had already mulled enough over the idea of making a CNC router so I began it, more or less ad lib it using some aluminium I had bought for that purpose some time ago.

So far I've finished the X axis rails and rollers. For this I used ball bearings, six each side.

The vertical bearings are mounted by pairs on an aluminium, the bearing screw fits on a threaded hole while the holes for the two screws that secure the bar are over sized, therefore this allows me to adjust the alignment of the assembly.

Two of the bearings, the horizontal bearings are mounted on L shaped flanges, for those the bearing screw fits on an over sized hole so again they can be adjusted for a good fit and alignment of the assembly.
Name: IMG_7877.jpg
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Description: One of the rollers, they run on a 1x2" aluminium tube.

The thing rotated 90 degrees CW to show the vertical and horizontal bearings. I chose this arrangements instead of the 45 degree ball bearing assembly because I though it easier make and align this setup.
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Description: The assembly rotated 90 degrees CW.

One of the carriages (that's not the right words, is it? ), all screws are M6 except the two holding the L flange which are M3.
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Description: One of the two carriage assemblies.

So far this things work great, I'll have to see how they handle wear. I bought a stainless steel tube (same dimensions) to use as railings but it turned out that the profile wasn't constant, it was actually quite distorted so it was useless.
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