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I had a strange thing happen to my 500. I've been noticeing alot of gear dust after flights, but thought it was normal. Then at the end of my last flight i heard a 'ticking' and noticed the tail start wagging. After landing and inspecting all the gears, i noticed a flat spot had developed on the main gear causing the slipping. I always try to get perfect mesh with the main gear, so i ruled that out as the cause, (unless the motor was shifting but that was tight). I also noticed some up and down play with the main gear. I thought it was a bad owb, but after inspecting that it looks and feels good. I'm using an align hub w/owb, align main and auto gears, a 10t revco pinion, and running a pretty conservitive head speed (which is hard to do with the typhoon 500 motor on 6s).

I've put the stock owb hub back in, and reset the mesh, but have not had a chance to test it.

Has anyone here had this problem? And what was the cause?
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