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The ignition should be fine on the 14.x volts that you normally get out of an alternator. I would not use Lithium Polymer soft packs, I would use Lithium Iron Phosphate cells (A123 style). You may want to look at Shorai batteries and their balance charger, there are many others that you should also look at and you can probably find a large selection at Summit Racing or one of the other racing shops.

Otherwise pick up a 4s LiFePO4 pack with as many cells in parallel to make the current you need. Probably a 4s2p pack should do the job (around 3.6 amp hours if my memory is correct).

You could also maybe do NiMh in 10s and 2p with AA cells if the draw is somewhat small, might want to go with 10s2p in A or B cells to make sure. A 10s1p in sub C or full C would probably do the job too. All of these are more stable in a wreck than the LiPo sack will be which is why I don't suggest the soft pack LiPo. Last thing you need is a lipo fire along with a fuel leak.

One thing that bothers me is a 2.5 amp hour lead acid should not weight 6 pounds. The battery for my motorcycle was somewhere up around 18 amp hours and weighed around 7 to 9 pounds. The Shorai I just installed weighed around 1 pound and claims 21 amp hours (LFX21 series).
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