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Originally Posted by Airhead600cc View Post
I don't know much of this stuff but on other threads more motor = more battery draw so you're probably right in my book. The supplied batteries usually increase in mAh as you get more motor. But, I don't know what the power curve is on these motors. Perhaps more torque and thrust comes on at lower speed and absolute power is at the high end???
Would a prop change help? There is a lot of data on them out there and I've noticed that getting off the ground seems to require more throttle and once airborne I can relax it somewhat. And, while you're you're shaving milligrams, there are only three vent holes in the bottom of the fuse. A couple more wouldn't look out of place. Is there a smaller wire gauge for the LEDs? I'm not sure how you've pathed the wires to the extremities. Maybe strip the casing off one or both if you can prevent shorting. How much paint is on the plane, including 'touch-ups' and repairs? I still say lose the bush tires for this experiment and go stock( or a wee bit bigger if you must )
Good luck
Thanks, man. No worries. I'll get it worked out... I'm almost there just going down one tire size and back to a single 150/160mah battery, and haven't even hollowed the tires yet... don't know if I really want to do that anyway, I like the lower CoG stabilizing effect they have... less tippy... who needs as3x?

There is alot of paint touch ups, some very small repairs... some mods that don't even register on my scale... might be time to transfer everything over to the nice new unrepaired unpainted new fuse w/electronics It'll get smd LEDs at some point instead of the 3mm dome ones. I'm going to get the strobe circuit weight reduced one way or another... just doing that will probably put me where I want to be... back to 50g... I really like it at that weight. If it takes a different prop or more powerful motor to overcome extra weight then that means it's also a speed increase that's "fixing" the problem... which is going in the wrong direction I want to go with this for "scale" flying with it... so weight modification is the only answer.

Originally Posted by TjW View Post
You can up to the point where you don't have any climb at full power. Then you need to have more power.
As far as speed goes, another option is to add flaps -- more camber -- to the wing. This will create more lift at low speed, but it will also add drag, which will require... more power to maintain the same speed.
Somewhere way back in the thread, ISTR someone adding flaps of clear plastic to add additional area and camber while maintaining a stock look from a distance.
Exactly Yes, I considered that... that would be one reason to upgarde to the P-51 motor. It doesn't address that last sentence I wrote above to Airhead... but, at least you'd have the extra oomph at the top end to get it to climb. But I'm still going to be flying around at or above half throttle for level flight (if I don't dump the weight).

Originally Posted by SkyCadet View Post

The 4-site and P51 motors, seemingly have more power (better RPM handling at the same current draw). I replaced one of my uChamp's motors with a 4-Site unit, and it went much better. There was a significant variance in the motor performances when this little model first came out, but over time, I am seeing many of my friends who recently got a micro (u) Champ have plenty of performance with the stock unit.

That is what I wanted to know and, if that's truly the case, would be the reason right there that I'd go ahead and install it. And this is not a fix for my weight issue... this is something to do once I've resolved it... which I will. Best of both worlds... still able to cruise around under half throttle but have that extra top boost if you need it
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