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Originally Posted by Xermalk View Post
What exactly is "head should rotate free" , i unscrewed the screws slightly and tried to move the motor as far back as it would allow, but my geat still "snaps" every time i move it one step. not like my v911 where theres almost no resistance at all in the mainshaft/maingear
Sorry, i mean after the spool up or if you quickly turn the rotor by hand, it should not stop immediately. With hand spool, mine does a couple revs before it stops. I guess it also depends how worn is your motor, but since i have only one i cant really tell how the new one should feel. Mine snaps every time i move it one tooth (i actually feel the resistance of the motor), but when you spin it up it should rotate little before it stops. Just make sure that you see some slop between the pinion and main when you hold the pinion and rotate the main back and forth. Also when you tighten the screws, the motor usually tilts a little, so it is better to tighten the outer screw first and then set the mesh. Give it a go with slightly loose gear and you should notice the power difference right away, and then try tightening the mesh until it feels somewhat right.

BTW, I've just reread your original post, and it seems your setup was running just fine, but you telemetry was off. I only managed to get 6 min on brand new once for the sake of experiment and i was running them till the heli could not hover at all. 5 minutes is fine, i usually fly mine for 4 and get 3.8 resting voltage.
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