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Originally Posted by Jimob23 View Post
Thanks for the further info .I went and got some nylon coated 40lb breaking strain trace wire
from the fishing shop and looks the dogs dangles so should be part of the way to sorting out the brake situation.Just waiting for the other parts to arrive so can try it out .
Thanks also for the servo link .I do have a spare Hitec servo of about the same spec so will start off with the standard Venom servo and perhaps change later on .
On the subject of servos the Anderson M5 steering servo seemed a bit low spec and got much better response after changing for a better faster one .Does the same apply to the Venom OEM as dont want to be changing is the original is suitable .
Last question , is there another Rx which would be compatible with the VR3T Tx .
Have been using a Spectrum stick set up in the M5 with no problem so is now a toss up between staying with that or moving over to the wheel set up .
Spectrum Rx are fairly expensive unless a good S/H unit ex EBay
Venom spares are not stocked by many shops here in UK and have done a Rx search but appears nothing available locally
Have relatives who can source and post from US but things normally pack up at the wrong time and would be nice to have a spare.
Hey Jim good stuff. I did find the steering in the VMX to be improved with the replacement of the servo with a Futaba one with a transit of about .20 sec. Not super quick as will only make the bike steering action more jerky. With the MM the steering does feel better but I put that down to the gyro. The servo still requires constant trim adjustment, and I'm sure when I change the servo I will notice a slight improvement in getting the bike to go exactly where I want it. Sevo works ok but can be improved. if you have a super fast super strong one lying around you can tune the steering speed with the radio. With these servos I set the speed to about 60 percent. video done on the track was with std servo so you can see works ok.
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