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Originally Posted by ballistic1 View Post
Hi Tim,
Got the driver from that page and
Installed it while unplugged

First, you did not say whether this fixed your issue. So I'll assume you meant this is what you did to begin with and that you're still having problems.

O.K. I'm confused. In your original post, you wrote:

"OK then I down loaded the FUIM3 diagnostic utility - fails on all ports except 5"

The FUIM3 will only work on one port, the port the driver grabs from the O.S. So if it's working on COM 5, then it's working. Since it is operational on port 5, you can change the CCS COM port setting from Auto (the normally recommended setting) to Port 5. It will aquire communication faster this way when it is working.

So, if the FUIM3 is working, the software is operational, but you still don't get "Waiting to Start" when you plug the FUIM3 between the PL8 and the PC USB port and with the software running, these are the only things it can be:

1) You do not have power applied to the PL8. You still need to have the PL8 input cables connected to a power supply or input battery and powered up when you connect to the PC.

2) You have the 3 pin JR style servo connector inserted backwards. The black wire goes toward the outside of the case as illustrated on the label under "TO PC".

3) Maybe the pins inside of the PL8 case are bent. Look inside the slot where you plug the 3 pin JR style servo connector into the PL8. Make sure the pins are all clearly visible, straight, and will make good contact when you plug in the connector.

4) The PL8 is defective and is not able to communicate with the PC. Contact sales for an RMA number if you purchased directly from Revolectrix web store. Otherwise, contact the reseller where you purchased the PowerLab 8.

Tim Marks
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