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Ok guys firstly thanks for all the info you've put on here. I am amazed at the knowledge this group has! I spent the past 3 days sifting through all the pages of this thread, lots to absorb but I think I am finally getting my head around it! My guardian should be here today and will start setting it up on my carbon z yak, running HS85mg servos all around. Using Dx7 so plan is to plug gain channel into gear and have two settings, one (switch position 0) factory default around 40% and second (switch position 1) a bit higher perhaps 60%. Here is my first question, should my gear settings then be 0 and 10? or 40 and 50??

Mod lead will plug into the flap channel and I understand that one so don't need any help there. -100, 0 and 100 it is for 3d, off and 2d.

On a side note I emailed Hitec to get some servo frequencies. Informed me HS85mg servos have a pulse frequency of 70hz so in the advanced tab will set it to 70. If successful with the yak going to put a unit in my 3dhs 57" extra 330. Running HS5245 and Hitec said their frequency is 250hz. Also they said HS225 are 70hz FYI.

Also will measure my servo travel with stabilization disabled and adjust output servo rages to match with stabilization activated. Question though, what does adjusting the minimum do?

One last thing of clarification, adjusting the pots. I understand rotating cw vs ccw will change servo direction, but what would be a good starting point? I see numbers of 40 to 50%. So my guess is from top neutral postion 40-50% of the full direction of travel one can possibly turn the pot in the correct direction to get propper control movement of control surface? I understand if it oscillates it is too high but would like to know a good starting point... start low and increase I guess. Thanks in advance!
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