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Originally Posted by SD One. View Post
Ok. Now we're getting somewhere. Multiple planes rolling right means something. My ailerons look the same after trimming when looking at the plane from above. Left side is up, right side looks flat but really isn't when looking from directly behind or comparing to the Edge graphic on the side.

What props are you guys using? I used an 11x5.5E with the 2810 and an 11x7E with the 2610. Anyone using a 12x6E?
Finally got thru all these pages....

I to am experiencing roll issues. Here's my setup

HS-65MG's all around
Omega 103
ZTW 50A esc
12x6 apc knock-off from hk

First day I flew I had to add just a few click of aile trim (forgot which way, and just chalked it up to maiden trimming). And yesterday was the second day I was able to fly it. I had some unwanted left roll, and I just thought that it was coming from the temp swings the plane went thru going from the office to the car to the field. Didn't think a whole lot about it cause I've experienced this with an epp profile I have. But after seeing other talk about it I'm all ears. I will reasses it after I fly tonight to see if I need to retrim the aile.

Now with a WOT blast mine will roll hard to the right, and the aile virtually do not respond. It's all I can do to keep it from rolling too far. But to be honest I can see why it's happening to me. One this motor has "stupid" power for this airplane, I actually think I'm going to pick up the 72 for this plane instead (it just feels like there is too much nose weight, not nose heavy, too much weight). Two I'm using a 12x6, so there's even more torque. And three these aile are made out of epp, they are going to flex and not keep their shape with the amount of force being applied to them with this motor prop combo.
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