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Originally Posted by ducatirdr View Post
One bit of warning. Thick grass over 1 inch tall ripped my gear off on my high alpha landing. I plopped the thing down with almost no forward speed but the grass grabbed the LG and it collapsed breaking the LG forward bulkhead. It was shocking how easily it folded. I brought it home and could see through the ESC hole that the bulkhead was still in there just separated. I pressed it back into position and CA'd it in place. I used some thick CA to reinforce the bulkhead where it attached to the side fuse formers. I reinserted the gear and everything was as good as new.

I test flew the plane in the neighborhood street in front of my house and had a landing miss the street. I put it down on the lawn and watched it flip over onto its back and cringed fearing another LG repair. The additional strengthening of my filet CA joint on the bulkhead and former proved itself good. I suggest a little thick CA to the front of that LG former before flying might add some longevity to the area.
Same thing happened to me this morning. Even though I'm still waiting on better servos for the ailerons, I took it up and spent 2 minutes trimming it perfectly. Put in a nano 1600 shoved under the wing and the cg was pretty neutral. Noticed if I pull a wall, fast or slow(nearly post stall), it wanted to dive left. I missed covering the dip once and it eased into the grass, not that hard. Broke out the gear. Noticed 2 things, this gear seems to be a lot stiffer than the buck huck and 1.5 buck huck and 2) the ply that holds it in place is maybe 1/16" thick. It's an easy fix to scab over another piece of ply. I didn't glue in the gear or the top piece of balsa that slides in from the bottom. Don't think this would have made any difference since it popped it out from the bottom. The gear is in there plenty tight, it's not falling out. The plane is a real floater and normal landings shouldn't be a problem. But if you dump it on a harrier in high grass be careful. Also on trimming I noticed my right aileron looks nice and flat, left aileron is up a good bit(correcting a right roll). On a vertical the plane was straight. I still haven't messed with the elevator.
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