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Originally Posted by BGR View Post
If you want slow just don't floor it.

What question? No one is gonna search back through all the posts.
But it doesn't work like that if you're carrying extra weight. "just don't floor it" means you dump it into the ground. When it's lighter, you can fly it slower... less lift required, so, slower air over the wing.

I'm not asking anyone to search back though the posts. If anyone knew, at the time I posted it, I figure they would have answered it at the time. It was regarding what do people mean when they say the P-51 motor is more powerful? If it means it produces more power at the same current draw compared to the stock motor, that helps me. If it means it just sucks more current to get that extra power, using up battery faster, that's not really what I'm after... I can get the same effect by just throttling the stock motor higher... also using up battery quicker.
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