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Originally Posted by koo29 View Post
I actually wasn't pissed at all. I was like Oh well, nothing I can do. Actually prayed for those guys
Praying for them was perfect! they need that the most, I commend you. Just before sunset I sometimes fly off the street in front of my house and people love it, neighbors come out, people driving honk and give thumbs up, sometimes they lose sight of the plane and I come in behind them 50ft over their roof and they see it and hit the gas trying to 'race' me and catch up, it's great fun for all. Some pull over and watch for a while. The only thing that ever concerned me was if a driver got distracted watching my plane and had an accident I might risk being liable but I doubt an auto insurance company would go after a model airplane guy and just pay the claim. I've never seen any driver seem distracted though. I'll bet what you experienced was an isolated incident not likely to happen again, probably kids that need to mature some yet. Again, bravo on praying for them, sowing love where there is hatred. Happy night flying to you...
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