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Originally Posted by robj View Post
It really shouldn't matter. Using a separate channel for each aileron allows you to program the end points independently. With a Y cable and doing it mechanically, you might be able to get it spot on, but maybe not. There might be some other reasons to.

On the thrust angle, the only plane I had to mess with was my 38 epp slick. Those are a little different but I had to put in a lot of right rudder to keep it from dog walking. After some research the rule is if you need right rudder, then the motor needs to point more right. All the other surfaces were normal. One washer did it. It might have been my build but I was glad to get it fixed. I just sold it to get this baby. Might have been some other ways to test and fix it but this one worked for me.

Wish I had my servos for this Edge!
Hmmm I have a plane that needs quite a bit of right rudder after a few unscheduled landings. EPP plane. Wonder if adding a bit of right thrust like you are saying will fix that. Maybe a washer under that side. Might give it a try.
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