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Built my first 3DSH plane, the 47” Extra 300 SHP and had a maiden flight this weekend. All went well, it’s trimmed nearly exactly neutral and is possibly tail heavy with the battery all the way forward. Inverted it flies level just as it does oriented normally and up. On takeoff I was expecting it to pull up and finally had to use elevator to lift it off the ground.

I’m a little disappointed in the power of the 103g with a 12x6 prop. I don’t seem to have the quick responses I was expecting from watching other friends fly their 3DHS planes. I had expected the recommended setup to be a bit more, but perhaps it’s not the motor, but another component such as the ESC or the prop?

In testing with a fresh 3S 2200mAH I get the following stats:
HK 40A ESC, 12x6 JXF poly composite prop; yields 42.4Amps peak, 473.2 watts peak

It takes a bit to spin up and I was expecting it to respond like an EPP foamy, maybe that is just how these larger planes are? If I upside the motor, perhaps the Motrofly 2815-950? They show 500 watts in their data with a 12x6 prop but that’s not much of a difference.

Suggestions for next steps are appreciated? My thinking is to let one of my friends who has several 3DHS planes give it a fly and see what he thinks, then look at the ESC or possibly prop, but my default guess is it’s the engine.

Thanks for input, Dale
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