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Originally Posted by AR1516 View Post
My question is why so much armor protection? Not to me nosy but, are you really planning to shoot at this tank? Why?
Yup. I am, actually. I mean, the opportunity to actually have a model tank that resists AP rifle rounds is too sweet to pass up.

In that same vein, I have decided to go with soft-tracks instead of the cast steel ones. I realised that tracks made out of a soft material are far less likely to be disabled by gunfire, as it will go through them isntead of breaking them. On the other hand, the cost of having them cast proved to be far too high (over US$6,000). I would rather save that budget for the development of the gun and its propietary cartridges. Also, I might save up to 50lbs weight with the soft tracks.

So the new model tracks will be about 6" (150mm) wide, made out of industrial conveyor-belt material (scrapped), and will be riveted to #100 roller-chains, which the sprockets shall engage. I might add segments of sheet steel underneath the track for support, if it falls within the budget. I believe this is a very feasible method. The only drawback is how to rivet the belt onto the chains and still leave enough room for the sprockets to engage. Any ideas?

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