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Originally Posted by MIT KID View Post
Tried making a cowl this evening. 3 layers of 6mm depron aero. The first two have a 6mm wall and the last makes the face. I tack glued it to the dremel cutoff wheel and spun it down to shape (although it probably would have come out fine hand sanded. Cut the bottom off at an angle and installed a dummy ply radial. Less than a gram right now, I think it'll add some real character to the plane.


Edit: The radial came out a bit too large, but it sort of looks like buck teeth now...
Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks installed on the profile fuselage. I did something similar about four years ago when I started (but never got far) on a DVIII with Fiddlers Green printed tissue graphics. I made a cowl similar to yours by spinning it down on my lathe. My intention, which I never did, was to make the lower part of the rotary engine by lasering Depron to get the grooves to simulate the fins, and then spray it with a combination of grey and black paint to get a more engine look. Jin did something similar with a dummy engine on his Sopwith Tripe kit.

It's too late for me to put a cowl on my Dr.1 (I think) but you've got me thinking about it for the Nieuport. I'm working on the top wing right now, and graphics are really slowing that down. So, I have time to follow your lead.

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