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I guess I am the only one....

Originally Posted by metalwizard View Post
Well I dont mind adding some weight to the front but again as I have stated... is this normal??? I would think a ready to fly heli would be READY TO FLY.. not lets add a bunch of weight and MAKE it fly..

Has anyone else run into this problem/issue.

Let me rephrase this.. so maybe you will understand my issue a little more.

So you go to your local Chevrolet dealer. plot down $30,000 for a new Camaro, then you drive it home. you come to realize they did not balance the tires, or do a front end alignment, or even set the timing.. but hey its ready to drive.

That is the way I feel with this Heli. sure I know Exactly how to balance it. but it is supposed to be READY TO FLY, should I have to balance it by THAT MUCH.?? yes I should have to move the battery until it is correct, but should I have to add a couple ounces of lead to the front of it to make it fly?? My opinion is NO, and That makes me want to b**ch, because when I bought it the salesman told me "ALL blade helis are test flown and pre adjusted from the factory, so they are TRULY READY TO FLY. DO NOT adjust anything, just put batteries in it and take it out and fly it"

so let me ask this again. has anyone else that bought a Blade sr have to add a BUNCH of weight to their heli to make it balance correctly?? if there are a lot that have had to. I will kind of let it go and just take it as "thats the way the beast is" and take it that the salesman lied his butt off.

but if I am the only one, then I feel that I got a "Defective heli" (for lack of better description) and I would like it FIXED CORRECTLY, not just throw a bandaid on it and MAKE it work right. because I paid for a CORRECT heli not a "Jerry Rigged" one.

I do appreciate all the input so far. but Try to look at it from my point of view. as far as understanding the relationship of where the CG/CP is.. I TOTALLY 100% without a doubt understand it, I am a Rocket Scientist, I KNOW what CP and CG are I deal with them EVERY DAY., but I also know there are two ways of doing things, the right way and the wrong way, and there is a REASON you don't do things the WRONG way.

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