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I just got one. It flies decent, but I'm not a big fan of how the FBL system works. It feels to robotic. I had to lower the travel adjustment from 100 to 90. At a 100% when doing flips it over shoots and rotates too fast. A better way of explaining this is it starts to flip nice and predictable then all of a sudden the gyros kick in and the heli shoots itself over to complete the flip. This could probably be fixed by adjusting the gyros and end points, but too much fiddling around with the setup for me lol Motor does get pretty hot and after a 4 minute flight its hot enough to burn my finger. Not sure how long the motor will last with that heat.

The pros about the Master CP:
-The brushed motor has quite a bit of power. I was surprised how much power it had. Brushless is not even needed for this heli with the power the brushed motor has. Keeps cost down and should be an ok heli for those who want to practice stunts.
-Flights times come in around 4-5 minutes running at a 100% throttle curve flying light 3D. Not bad in my opinion.. By lowering the throttle curve I would expect flight times to increase by a few more minutes and maybe less motor heat.
-Tail seems to hold good. I did a tail first hurricanes and the tail wa pretty solid. But like all fixed pitch tail the tail will blow out if too much cyclic and pitch is given. Oh yea I forgot to mention the tail motor is big too so hopefully it should last a long time.
-Blades are plastic. Pretty durable and should be a good choice of blades for those stepping up to a 6ch heli and wanting to learn.
-The whole heli looks beefy. Why? I would guess Walkera design this heli for beginners so the increase in thickness of the parts is a big plus. Now I'm not saying the parts are indestructible , but should hold up better than if using a lighter setup. Landing gears are beefy. I did a few hard landing and the gears held up.
-The head setup has very little slop. Pretty good for a walkera helicopter

Now the Cons:
-Main motor heat!
-For some reason the ESC is seperate from the RX, but the RX seems to get hot after flight. I'm not sure why, but I don't think the heat from the main motor can get the RX hot. Or maybe the ESC is right under the RX so it's transferring the heat to the RX?.
-plastic blades. Kinda heavy for 3D and if too aggressive on the cyclic the blades will flutter. So the pilot would have to be careful not to over do or by adjusting the end points in the transmitter to prevent this. I would like to see light carbon blades, but that would defeat the purpose of a durable helicopter.
-Fixed pitch tail blades. They do work good, but for beginners who sometimes panic when practicing new stunts, you might be in for a surprise when the tail gives out.
-The way the servo is setup, only walkera servos can be used. You probably could get different servos to fit, but some modding and trimming is needed to fit.
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