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Originally Posted by chktm View Post
Hey Jimob I use bicycle cable inside RC car antenna tube. Works great. You will have to remove the adjusters and also drill the caliper end slightly. Use throttle stoppers from gas car for cable ends. I set up my end points on the radio so as not to stress the servo too much. You could add spring if wanted. Also mount the servo end close to the centre of servo for more torque. Rellik has used fishing line with succes also.
Thanks for the response .
Have already tried exactly that but it appeared to be binding somewhere and looked has if there wasn't sufficent pull from the servo to get the right tension on the brake lever .The little plastic arm just before the servo was flexing a bit as well and the brake arm sometimes did not return sufficentlyso the pads continued to rub .
Tried using a couple of springs from a 'click pen' as a servo saver but seemed to be going the wrong way
Tried rerouting the antenna tube inside the fork leg to give a smoother curve but again there appeared to be extra friction somewhere as it did not seem to be tensioning the lever sufficently .
I could well be looking for something that perhaps is over the top but when you fully apply the brake is the wheel fairly firm or still relativly easy to turn .Not looking to do stoppies .
Dont want to sound like a proper knuckle head but what EPA setting did you arrive at .
I found that going to the max of 120 % there was virtually no travel on the servo arm but drop it down to say 50 % there was noticably more travel .
I used to dabble in helicopters so in theory should know what I am looking for but perhaps am complicating a simple solution
To be honest the bike was in a terrible state when I took it over so have no idea as to how much' tampering' took place previously and am still waiting for some parts for the gyro to arrive so it is sitting in the 'to attend to pile' at the moment .
By fishing line I presume you mean stainless steel trace wire which I never thought of and will perhaps give that a try as the original outer is still intact .
One last question is it correct that if you move the AUX switch from AUX to Off the servo appears to move through a full 180 deg to another stop point .
Thanks also for the link to the shock oil thread
Cheers jim
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