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Originally Posted by Jimob23 View Post
Have been having fun with the Anderson M5 but was given a VMX 450 in a bad state of health .Am in the process of rebuilding it but have come across a sourcing problem regarding the disc brake .
Everything is there but the inner cable has been nipped up too tight in the past so it is virtually just 3 strands of wire left .
Am in the UK and have tried all the normal places like cycle shopsfor a replacement cable and outer but everything seems to be too big so am looking for suggestions before I purchase a new kit only for the cable .
On the same subject there are no set up instruction and it appears that the cable just attaches direct to the servo .My concern is surley the servo can go into a stall situation and burn out the motor or am I missing something simple .Any set up tips would be appriciated
Hey Jimob I use bicycle cable inside RC car antenna tube. Works great. You will have to remove the adjusters and also drill the caliper end slightly. Use throttle stoppers from gas car for cable ends. I set up my end points on the radio so as not to stress the servo too much. You could add spring if wanted. Also mount the servo end close to the centre of servo for more torque. Rellik has used fishing line with succes also.
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